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Valentines Day Ideas & Swaps

Heart doodles

Valentines day… The expression of love is the best part of this holiday! There are so many ways to express love healthily.

Taking the time talk, looking into the each other’s eyes, a little candle light (bee’s wax with a cotton wick, please), music, nostalgia, gratitude for what the people we love bring to our lives...

When it comes to decadent treats, we recommend limiting refined sugar to avoid chronic diseases of modern times. That said, we all love a treat. Treat=occasional food choice, not for nutritive value but solely for pleasure. When choosing a treat, check the labels! We recommend you stick to ones that avoid ultra-refined ingredients (seed and vegetable oils, ultra-refined sugars like (fructose corn syrup, dextrose, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives, soy, preservatives).

To make it easier, look for labels that are:

  • organic

  • 5 ingredients or less

  • only ingredients you would have at home and recognize as food

  • limit your serving to 10mg of sugar or less

  • sweetened with honey, maple syrup, organic date sugar, organic coconut sugar, organic cane sugar

When it comes to chocolate chips, look for 70% chocolate or more (dark chocolate).. Here are some better chocolate chip options we enjoy:

Now that you have decadent chocolate chips, it's time to make homemade treats, of course. What's a better valentines gift than one made with love and ingredients you control!

Here are some of our favorite recipes:

Be creative - kiwi, pineapple, oranges are all tasty dipped in chocolate. Add crushed almonds or walnuts for variety.

If homemade treats isn't your style, that's okay; there are still better store-bought options for chocolate bars.

Our picks include:



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