"Adrienne's approach and attitude (positive!) make the appointments easy and encouraging."
Before Nutrition Response Testing: "Anxiety, sleep problems, skin, stomach and immune system problems."
Now: "I sleep well, my skin problems have almost totally disappeared in six months and my stomach is improved a lot. I feel much better." 

Before Nutrition Response Testing: "A year of nerve impingement and chronic significant pain.  Now: "​Within 2 months my pain was softened by 75% and I was gradually able to do more activities with ease.  By 3 months into regular appointments I returned to light weight workouts at the gym and can do household chores that were out of the question prior to meeting Adrienne."

​I experience Adrienne as smart, accepting, supportive, sincere, accessible and eager to keep researching and learning to solve any issue that arises.  Even though I admit that I don’t fully understand why Nutrition Response Testing works I trust the results in my body. Judy, Teacher and Life Coach

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