After a year of physical therapy for degenerative disc disease in my neck that caused nerve impingement and chronic significant pain, my physical therapist sent me back to my doctor.  The doc sent me to a pain clinic where the specialist advised injections which he said have variable results and offer temporary relief.  I thought my disc issues were static and mechanical, but decided to give Adrienne a try. 

Adrienne quickly assessed that my vegetarian diet was not suitable for my system.  She recommended increasing fats and consuming animal protein daily along with supplements.  Within 2 months my pain was softened by 75% and I was gradually able to do more activities with ease.  By 3 months into regular appointments I returned to light weight workouts at the gym and can do household chores that were out of the question prior to meeting Adrienne. Now I begin a new year by rearranging furniture in my home!

I have been faithful to most of the dietary changes (including eliminating most sugar).  I have lapses but she smiles and says, “You gotta live!”

I experience Adrienne as smart, accepting, supportive, sincere, accessible and eager to keep researching and learning to solve any issue that arises.  Even though I admit that I don’t fully understand why Nutrition Response Testing works I trust the results in my body. “

Judy, Teacher and Life Coach, January 2017



Julia (age 10) says, “It’s fun here; I like it!” Reflecting on how she felt before she began seeing Adrienne Julia reports, “I usually felt my anxiety on Wed. Thu. And Friday due to busyness when I had horseback riding and dance.  My menstrual period hurt a lot.  I feel better.”  Julia’s mom notices how happy and at ease Julia feels near Adrienne.  “For the cost... once a month and about 4 supplements I think it’s a gift that my daughter is learning healthy ways to deal with her difficulties and that she is getting support from such a kind, responsive health role model as Adrienne.

Julia, January 2017


Adrienne's approach and attitude (positive!)  make the appointments easy and encouraging."
Before Nutrition Response Testing:
"Anxiety, sleep problems, skin, stomach and  immune system problems."
"I sleep well, my skin problems have almost totally disappeard in six months and my stomach is improved a lot. I feel much better."

LD 2016

Adrienne is incredibly supportive and conscientious in her care. She addresses my needs with zeal and confidence but also goes above and beyond to listen to my concerns and provide me with tools and info to address overall wellness.

Before starting my nutrition program I was struggling with issues of constant fatigue, dry skin, and unexplained allergic reactions, acne, etc. The program has alleviated many of my symptoms more energy, hydrated skin.

Additionally, Adrienne's attention to total body wellness (beyond just addressing my immediate issues) has made me a healthier person, more aware of my own physical, mental and emotional wellness and needs.

Kim P 2016

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