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Free Wellness Info Sessions

Why food you eat effects how you feel.

Why Nutrition Response Testing?

How you can improve your wellness through nutrition.


10:30 am 2/15/2017   

10:30 am  3/15/2017 - Cancelled due to snow...

10:30 am  4/12/2017 


11:00 am  3/25/2017 

11:00 am  4/22/2017 

  6:00 pm 2/25/2017 

I want to share…

  • An hour of wellness information.
  • Topics include common health issues, how life-style, nutrition and Nutrition Response TestingSM can positively affect your wellness.
  • Includes a demonstration and Free Nutrition Response Testing Screening (approx 10min ea) for participants after the class.

Do you want the confidence of knowing you are feeding your body precisely what it needs when it comes to nutrition and effective nutritional supplements? By using muscle testing, you will discover exactly what your body needs to get well and stay well. 

Please Register! Seating is Limited!

COST: Bring someone you know wants to feel better naturally and is ready for change. Please come and invite them!

GIFT: Clients receive $10 appreciation gift per friend that attends

Visitors receive a $30 discount toward Initial 90 Minute Consultation (Regular Price is $60)

If you can't make it to these events, please contact Adrienne for more information

Presented by: Adrienne Beaupré

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