About Us

Adrienne Beaupré
Certified Professional Nutrition Response TestingSM Practitioner
Adrienne founded this practice from her passion to promote healing and reduce suffering through health awareness and natural means. She wants to see everyone thrive naturally and prevent illness.
A Licensed Practical Nurse since 1999, Licensed Massage Therapist since 2005 and Nutrition Response Testing practitioner since 2013, she became professionally certified in Nutrition Response TestingSM in January 2015.
Adrienne uses Standard Process whole food supplements and herbs combined with nutrition and lifestyle guidance to create individualized nutritional programs to support your body's self-healing.

She supports people with chronic symptoms, new problems and those who are seeking more optimal wellness. 

She incorporates her passion for natural living and promoting optimal health with skills, knowledge, and continual learning using Holistic Nutrition Consultation, Nutrition Response Testing, Remote Muscle Testing as well as through Purification and Detox Support.

Adrienne Beaupré Nutrition Response Testing Practitiner

Learn to feed your body precisely what it needs to get well and stay well using Nutrition Response TestingSM

Noelle Humphrey

Office Manager

Noelle Humphrey is excited to join our team.  She has been employed in healthcare for over 30 years.  Noelle’s previous experience as a pharmacy technician, Occupational Therapist and most recently office manager for a physical therapy office have prepared her well for this position.  She brings a unique understanding of what contributes to a healthy and balanced life. Noelle enjoys helping our clients get the best experience possible. When not in the office, Noelle enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family, singing, reading and taking walks in the woods.