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  • Adrienne Beaupré

Breakfast Hash

Food For Thought…

I’ve spoken with many people this week about breakfast options from traditional to modern. Here is one idea to choose from. Keep in mind that rotating your meals increases the variety of nutrients and prevents boredom. It also reduces the risk of repetition creating stress or intolerance.

Breakfast Hash; mostly vegetable, adequate protein and some essential fat.

There are many varieties with and without eggs.

Choose (grass fed or organic and preservative free) ground meat, bacon, sausage or chicken sausage of your choice. Gently brown in a skillet or griddle.

Cook with onions, garlic and /or herbs of your choice in grass fed butter or in fat from your protein choice. Set aside.

Next add a few different chopped or grated vegetables. Make the vegetable portion at least twice the volume of protein. Include several green ones please.

A starchy vegetable is an option as well such as beets, parsnip, potato or sweet potato. If included, it should be the smallest portion of the meal and it also requires the longest cooking time.

A flexible meal like hash is a great way to empty out your crisper at the end of a week as well as being an excellent make-ahead meal that can be quick and easy to reheat during a busy week. Here is this morning’s version:

Here are a few Breakfast Hash recipes. Please adjust to your palate, veg/protein portions and explore adding greens! This one has a grid for making different combos!!

Enjoy and Be Well,


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