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What’s In Your Winter Medicine Chest?

Natural Medicine Chest

Now is a good time to check your natural winter medicine chest to take inventory and be ready for any immune challenges that come your way! We have listed our top picks for you, most of which we have available in our office!

Homeopathics: these are great for everyone and perfect for those on medications or pregnant. Cold Calm, by Boiron, is a multi-symptom cold relief. Oscillococcinum, also by Boiron, is great to take at the first sign of flu.

Sprays: Mediherb's Herbal Throat Spray is soothing and refreshing, and provides support when your throat is dry or under stress. Xlear Nasal Spray has xylitol and grapefruit seed extract that treats sinus pressure and congestion, blocking viral and bacterial adhesion in the nasal passages. Some prefer using a Neti Pot with saline packets to cleanse and irrigate their nasal passages.

manuka honey

Honey and herbal teas: We recommend having Manuka or other raw honey on hand to soothe the throat. Honey out performs over-the-counter cough suppressants without side effects! It can also be added to a hot drink or lemon water, use as much lemon as you would like to sweeten. We use various flavors of Traditional Medicinals or Yogi Teas for a comforting drink.

Standard Process Immune Products: We have a wealth of time-tested products that we can add to your nutritional program. Some are shown in our medicine chest here: Allerplex, Allergco, Congaplex, Epimune, Echineacea C, Immuplex, or the vegetarian Immune System Health Pack.

Join us for a free wellness talk at our office on immune health and get a 10% off discount on your next or first appointment.

We're here to help you stay well!


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