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Switchel - a Ginger Honey Mocktail Recipe

Ginger Honey Mocktail

Switchel is delicious and refreshing. Traditionally used in Vermont as an electrolyte and energy replacer. This recipe is rich in minerals and anti-inflammatory. Though it may rejuvenate you after exercise or a long day, it's not stimulating, so it is a good refresher any time of day. Considering using this recipe as a ginger honey mocktail!

This recipe is a version from Wellness Mama. Though the ingredients list raw honey or blackstrap molasses, you might instead use maple syrup.

We recommend you always use organic ingredients when available to reduce chemical exposure for your good health.


  • 2 TBSP unfiltered apple cider vinegar with "the mother"

  • 3 TBSP raw honey or blackstrap molasses

  • 2- inch piece of fresh ginger root peeled and finely minced

  • 4 cups water

  • ½ of a fresh lime juiced and zested


  • Mix all ingredients in a large jar, cover, and shake well.

  • Place in the refrigerator overnight.

  • To serve, pour over ice or add seltzer water if desired.

Ginger Honey Switchel Recipe - Wellness Mama®
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