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March 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I had a very different newsletter in mind for this month, but maintaining your immune system in the midst of the Coronavirus chaos and how we are taking different measures in our office are topics that take precedence. We will remain open for appointments and are happy to support your family or assist you during this period of stress. Please call or email the office with any questions or reorder requests.

Immune support for viral Protection There are no guarantees and there isn’t a lot of data to base our approach to the Coronavirus on. So, we in the natural health world are looking back at the evidence we have on viruses and the human immune system from the past to move forward right now on both prevention and strategies to support those that get sick. The best defense is a healthy immune system. The natural world offers us many types of support from minerals to vitamins and herbal options. We have recommendations for maintenance as well for those with more compromise. For a more extensive list please see last month’s post about flu prevention and care.

Natural Immune Support product Information from Standard Process:

Please feel free to book an appointment for in person or over the phone consult for immune system support right now.

Eat well, the best you can. Sugar reduces immune system function and lowers important white blood cell counts for 2-5 hrs after ingesting it. Skip the sugar; choose fruit, raw honey or a little maple syrup for sweets please.

Get adequate sleep, turn off the TV and phones and let your body and mind settle down for 30min-1hr before best. Sleep allows for healing, repair, recover. This is important right now.

Managing stress in this uncertain time is complicated. Choose a tiny habit to reset your stress response throughout the day. Here are two examples:

Try 4 square breathing. This means to hold still for just 1-2 minutes, set a timer please and then begin this sequence: breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4. Repeat. 

Follow along with Donna Eden for her morning routine. It takes 7 min but once you learn the moves, only takes 4-5 min. This Energetic Body centering and zippering makes you feel good and feel a little less susceptible to all the chaos around you.

Flu and Corona Virus (COVID-19) Protection There is nothing more important to us than our client’s well-being. For this reason, we have reviewed our standard disease-control office protocols and have updated protocols and products to meet WHO and CDC guidelines while maintaining a non-toxic environment. Please see our web page with The Steps We are Taking.

On a Totally Different Topic! State Bill to Ensure Alternative Health Care in MA

Something I had planned to share with you this month, I’d appreciate you taking action on a MA Bill for the protection of and communication of Complementary and alternative health care services.

SENATE DOCKET, NO. 1763 FILED ON: 1/18/2019 SENATE Bill No. 665 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  PRESENTED BY: Nick Collins is next up for Senate review on 4/1/2020.  An Act providing for consumer access to and the right to practice complementary and alternative health care services.

This MA Bill is important for our practice to continue to offer complimentary health services in the state. I’m actually really pleased with how it’s written and think it’s kept simple enough to allow for informed consumers to choose alternative health care! I’m grateful to Health Freedom Action of Ma for putting this together.

Please support this bill by finding and reaching out to your legislative rep here. The full proposed bill: Thank you for taking the time to support this and us! Reiki Certification Classes  Reiki Master, Lori Belton, is offering Reiki Level 1  Certification Classes beginning April 5th 10a-4p (Universe Willing!) with one Sunday per month offering in the future! Reiki Level I is an introduction to Reiki, a technique using spiritually guided life energy. It is good for stress reduction and promotes healing by allowing everyone to access an unlimited supply of life energy. Life energy awareness has been part of many cultures since the beginning of human times. Reiki technique originates from a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui Sensei in 1922.  Reiki treatments are both simple to give and powerful. Reiki feels wonderful, promotes relaxation and the natural flow of energy to improve health and comfort. Level I Reiki training is a great way to improve your life, support those you care for and build a foundation for future learning if you'd like to practice professionally in the future.  Reiki Level 2 is being offered on Sun, 5/3. Learn more about Reiki Certification Classes here.

We will keep you posted on our activities here, share info we can and we wish you the best of health and the most peace you can find throughout your days. I know there is a lot of info out there, some misinformation as well. Here are some resources regarding coronavirus for you and your children.

A very detailed and thoughtful interview that Sam Harris did with Amesh Adalja and Infectious Disease Specialist from John Hopkins University:

Comedy amidst the chaos, we are all a bit overwhelmed at times with contact precautions during our "normal" activities:


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