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  • Adrienne Beaupré

Let's Start With Water

So many ways to improve our days. So many different ideas diets and theories. Let's keep it simple, achievable and positive. A little at a time regularly over time and who knows how much positive change you can create without adding stress! Let's start with water. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is feeling tired. When that tired feeling hits you in the middle of the afternoon and you begin to reach for a sugary drink (or snack), try drinking more water instead. You might discover that a healthy glass of water eliminates fatigue, makes you feel better, and helps you focus more sharply. The benefits of water are numerous- from cleansing the kidneys and supporting healthy skin to increasing concentration. Water keeps cells hydrated, helps maintain a healthy balance of body fluids, and supports healthy digestion and bowel movements. Ideally you should drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Excerpt from One Degree of Change: The Standard Process® 21-Day Purification Program Cookbook. You will find a copy on the waiting room table. Feel free to browse for delicious recipes and ideas. If you don't love water, consider adding a little lemon, slice of orange, a few berries or even slices of cucumber to gently flavor. Let's choose delicious foods that nourish our bodies. Be well, Adrienne

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