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Super Summer Hydration!

Watermelon, cucumber, mint water!
Watermelon, cucumber, mint water!

Here are some healthy ways to stay hydrated this Summer and keep electrolytes balanced. Find helpful tips below on keeping children hydrated through summer sports and other physical activities, with fruity drinks and pops.

Electrolytes carry signals through our bodies that help balance and maintain PH, heart rhythm, and nerve impulses. We lose electrolytes through sweat, the body's cooling system, and urine. The main electrolytes we need to replenish are potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium.

Watermelon is excellent for hydration due to it's high water and potassium content. Check out our blog post for a watermelon pop recipe, a great way to balance electrolytes in children. Coconut water can be mixed into any fruit pop to enhance electrolytes.

Coconut water has a high electrolyte content and is a great hydration choice post-workout. These brands are sugar-free and non-GMO: Coco Goods, Field Day Coconut Water, Amy and Brian, and C20.

Putting a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan Salt into your water helps with hydration and increasing trace mineral levels.

Enjoy a glass of seltzer or mineral water with a squeeze of lemon or lime, or unsweetened cherry or pomegranate juice. Spindrift is sparkling water sweetened with real fruit. Zevia is an alternative to diet soda, with stevia and natural flavors.

"When it comes to quenching my thirst for adventure, water is always my trusty sidekick"*. Happy adventuring out there!

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