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Renew through creativity and fun

Updated: May 17, 2023

Dear Ones, this week I've discussed the importance of play, fun and creativity with several clients. It's easy to get so focused on what needs to be done now and next that we loose sight of how healthy it is to really relax and do something just for the joy of it. A little play is good for you, your relationships and your mood! A few of these ideas are:




Enjoying the sky at any time of day


Gaze up through the branches of leafed out trees, flowering trees

Go somewhere new

Hang out with family, partner and or pets outdoors


Make something new


Put your bare feet in the grass or sand or water


Feeling like crafting something sweet, whimsical and charming?

My sister, Rachel, is holding a Festive Felt Crown Making Workshop this weekend in Hadley, MA. Making a crown is fun. A crown can make a party feel so festive, at any age! Here's the info. Whatever you do, even if just for a few minutes, make it fun!

There are just a few days left to register for this Saturday's felt crown workshop. Would you like to join me? A few people have asked whether I'd consider offering this as a virtual workshop, and the answer is "yes"! The trick will be to settle on a common theme and a summer date. If you're interested, please complete this simple survey to start the conversation.

Festive Felt Crowns

84 Russell St, Hadley, MA

Explore the wonders of wool felt as we use appliqué, embroidery, and needle felting to make crowns for your special birthday celebration or everyday fun!

Are you interested in a virtual crown workshop? Please complete the survey.

Would you prefer to shop? Visit our Etsy Store.


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