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  • Writer's pictureAdrienne Beaupré, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Massage Therapy Can Help Lower Blood Pressure & Control Stress

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Massage does make us feel so much better. There are many ways this improvement happens and a growing body of evidence as to why. The relaxation response slows the heart and reduces blood pressure. Massage is one way to turn up the relaxation response in the body.

A recent article in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine references studies relating blood pressure and heart rate improvements from massage. Here's a synopsis from the American Massage Therapy Association.

We look forward to your next massage. If you have a heart condition please check in with us before scheduling your massage to ensure you are a good candidate. Sr Ines, Lori and Sandi are licensed, compassionate and experienced massage therapists. Schedule now online, or contact us for assistance scheduling your next massage.


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