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Anxiety, change, isolation and some simple strategies.

More time at home, worrisome conditions and news. Social anxiety is part of this. Here are a few resources for managing the stress/anxiety of dramatic change and more time for worry that many of us are experiencing right now.


Neuroscientist and meditator Sam Harris has a calm, mindful way of discussing difficult things and suggesting strategies for handling them.

The Waking Up APP, free for one month, perfect for beginning to meditate right now, returning to meditation or supporting your meditation practice while your mind is unusually busy.

Emotional Freedom Tapping is an effective and simple technique that can be done with a professional or at home on your own with a little guidance. These two resources are ones I rely on for support with challenges. If you are really struggling, I recommend reaching out a professional. If you'd like a referral, I'd be happy to assist.

Brad Yates: EFT practitioner with many you tube videos and other subscription services:

Nick Ortner, the Tapping Solution founder also has videos and guides for tapping as well as subscription services and an APP.

Return to center as often as you can during this challenging time, take a few extra breaths, step away for minute, cultivate thoughts of gratitude and love as often as you can.



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