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Summer Berry Pops

I’ve got a refreshing summer berry dessert recipe to share that’s free of refined sugars, grains, gluten and dairy, full of antioxidants and vitamins…as well as most importantly yummy and cold!

Summer Berry Pops

I just love berries, picking them, prepping them and of course eating them! The question is how to get them in before they pass and during the short season? As you may know, I’m not much for measuring or recipes. I love concepts and eyeballing it! So, for this berry dessert I was patient and did some measuring for everyone’s benefit I hope!

Prep Time, 10 min

Yield: 6 pops

Supplies: Strainer or colander, measuring cups, possibly a tea ball, blender, Popsicle forms or small cups to eat as Italian ice or even just ice cube trays!


Berries: 1 & 1/2 Cups (I used ½ C each blueberries, raspberries and strawberries)

Herbal Tea: 1/2 Cup (I used Ginger Root, this could be a berry zinger, lemon ginger or to your taste)

Raw honey: 1TBS (optional)

Fresh Lemon Juice: 2 TBS for more “pop” you could add a little zest

How to make the pops: If using herbal tea steep this first, allow it to cool as you rinse berries, remove stems, then add all ingredients to blender. Puree on low until even consistency. Taste your mix…it’s ok to add more lemon, honey to your taste. You could then strain through fine mesh strainer to remove seeds if you prefer…I don’t. Finally, portion into your containers of

choice and freeze. Wait until frozen and then enjoy!

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