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  • Adrienne

Mostly Plants.

Food For Thought So many ways to improve our days. So many different ideas diets and theories. Let's keep it simple, achievable and positive. A little at a time regularly over time and who knows how much positive change you can create without adding stress! Here is a simple guideline quoted from "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan an author I enjoy a lot. "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants." He goes on to say mostly leafy green.

What if each meal you enjoyed had visually more leafy green or any color non-starchy vegetables as the majority of the plate?

No math, not a foreign concept, no crazy restrictions or complicated rules...simply mostly plants and most of those green and/or leafy most of the time. Consider raw, steamed, grilled, roasted. Enjoy...

Image from . I don't read the blog but loved the image with the quote. You will find a copy of "Food Rules" on the waiting room table. Feel free to browse for additional "rules" they are simple, whimsical and at least a little wise. It's a lovely little book. Let's choose delicious foods that nourish our bodies. Be well, Adrienne

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