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Cooler weather and joint stiffness

Cooler weather and stiffer joints?

If you’ve noticed stiffness in the morning this is an important clue about keeping balance in your body. Joint stiffness in cooler weather is often caused by a pH shift in your synovial joints and resulting change in minerals in solution. DC Jarvis, Vermont physician who studied folk medicine, did numerous experiments and case studies correlating this. The solution was simple: apple cider vinegar with raw honey. It provides minerals and acidity that are great for joints by reducing mineral calcification in the cool/cold. Apple Cider Vinegar is also good digestive support and also may protect your nostrils, sinuses and lungs from infection and reactivity. If you just can’t stomach apple cider vinegar in water with a bit of maple or honey or in a salad dressing then an alternative choice would be lemon. Hot water with lemon, lemon squeezed on a meal daily (great on fish, chicken and green beans!). If neither sits well for you then this isn’t your natural remedy. With natural whole foods you can listen to your body and know if it’s the right food for you or not.

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