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Our purpose is to help people of all ages in our community to achieve optimal wellness through natural means.
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New Clients, Welcome!
Please contact us to set up your Initial Consultation.


Our Office info:

45 Sterling Street, Second Floor Suite 24, West Boylston, MA 01583

Tel: 508-869-4755



Hours and Offerings

The office is closed Thursday, April 4th,

re-opening Monday, 4/8 at 11am.

Appointment/Consultation Hours:

In-person: Mon, Weds, Thurs 12pm-6pm

Remote: Mon-Thurs 12-6pm

Supplement Pick Up:

Monday through Thursday, 11am-6pm

We offer:

  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Standard Process Purification-Detox Consults

  • Supplement (order and pick up)

  • Supplement shipping $6

  • Free Wellness Talks, please join us!

We look forward to supporting you! 

Let us show you how to activate your natural optimal wellness.

  • All Follow Up appointments please compete a Food Log for at least 24 hours before your appointment. Please use the Healthie APP Journal or the PDF on this page. 

  • The food you choose has great impact on your health and the progress of your program!

  • New Clients and returning clients (more than 6 mos. since last visit) please complete online forms from your confirmation email before your appointment. 

  • Natural support is most effective and efficient as early please reach us promptly if you aren't feeling well. 

We look forward to seeing you thrive,


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Our Policies:

Cancellations/Missed Appointments:

We require a minimum of 24hrs notice for all cancellations to avoid full service charge.  Your appointment is important to us. 

This is a chemical fragrance-free space. 
A comfortable and non-toxic environment is our goal. We choose our products carefully. 

Thank you for not wearing any of the following during your visit: cologne, after shave, perfume, perfumed hand lotion, and fragranced products.  


Chemically-sensitive people thank you.

Health and Wellness, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Lavender flower image.
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