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COVID-19 Measures and FAQ'S


Adrienne is offering remote and in office consultations and will continually re-evaluate the best way for us to support you. Supplement pick up is available through the office window with pre-order and purchase. She will continue to offer remote appointments and supplement shipping for those who wish to continue social distancing. All initial consultations are remote. 


What if I’m a Nutrition Client and I’m sick? 

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, please call or email. Adrienne will offer a phone or video chat remote consultation appointment and discuss how you are feeling and based on available protocols and your Nutrition history will recommend support. She can also do remote muscle testing if you would like. This does not replace medical care, so please also contact your primary care physician as well.

What if I'd like a Nutrition Consult  for what  take to support my immune system? 

If you are feeling well and would like  nutritional support to help maintain your immune system, we would be happy to accommodate you. There are many longstanding evidence based protocols as well as emerging information for immune system support and viral defense. Please schedule an appointment either remote or office for consultation and recommendations.

The best defense is a healthy immune system. The natural world offers us many types of support from minerals to vitamins, homeopathy and herbal options. We have recommendations for maintenance as well for those with more compromise. For a more extensive list please see Adrienne's previous post about prevention and care.

Adrienne will continue to post resource information on our blog.

Office Policies in place:

Practitioners wash their hands and sanitize commonly touched items in our office between clients.

A HEPA air purifier is running at all times the office is in use and the window is open as much as possible. 

What precautions should clients take?

We request the cooperation of our community in maintaining a safe environment so we urge anyone that has mild cold or flu-like symptoms or known COVID 19 exposure to follow the advice of health officials and stay home while sick. 

  • If you have a fever, respiratory infection or known COVID-19 exposure DON'T come to the office, please reach out for a remote session as well as speak with your doctor. Our building is not set up for the care of someone with COVID-19.

  • We will continue to ship supplements for $6.

Nutrition follow up?

Adrienne will send a video chat link for a remote session and any recommendations will be sent by email.  Supplements can be mailed or picked up at the office window by appointment.


Being supported and making progress on your natural health is very important at this time.


Our staff has been advised to stay home if they have any cold like symptoms or known COVID 19 exposure.  We do recommend you keep your appointment and take advantage of the remote support Adrienne is offering if you become ill. We all feel so much better when our nutritional needs are met. Though we focus on prevention, early intervention is second best for quickly resolving symptoms of illness. 


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we navigate this time together.

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