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Home Care

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Air Purifier

Fine filtration, low light and low noise settings for night time, reasonable and long-lasting filters with indicator light when it’s time to change. I purchased one of these for my office and my parent’s home about 6 months into the pandemic. We’ve been very happy with them, quality, function. We moved the office one to home about 2 years ago, running it has reduced sinus congestion and sneezing for both of us including wood stove season and beyond. Sleeping with air filtration running has improved how we feel when waking up.


Service Name

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Adrienne has used Earthing products since 2007, nightly through a grounded pillow case. She has found it helpful for restful sleep and for reducing inflammation. Earthing gives you access to the electrons from the earth, an element modern life is often insulated from. It’s health promoting through reducing the static that interferes with blood flow and microcirculation.

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